Reasons to Join

With the horrifying increase in deaths on South African roads, statistics have shown that almost 50% of these deaths are related to driving under the influence of alcohol. As well as it being dangerous it is illegal!

The following are just some reasons why you should join Smart Guyz:

  1. As mentioned drinking and driving is illegal. This applies to almost every country in the world, however worldwide deaths related to drunken driving continue to increase. By using the Smart Guyz chauffeur service your chances of causing or being involved in an accident are reduced.

  2. Legally, no individual is to operate a vehicle after 0,05 grams per 100 millilitres is consumed. This is difficult to calculate as alcoholic beverages refer to the alcohol contained and not the blood alcohol level after consumption. In general, the legal limit refers to an individual consuming 2 bottles of beer or 120ml of spirits. Although this acts as a guideline, this varies from person to person as weight, age, sex and metabolism must be considered. With Smart Guyz the worry of being over the legal limit is eliminated. With Smart Guyz you are able to enjoy your evening out without hassle or worry about the consequences of being over the legal limit.     

  3. A recent attempt to curb drunk driving has seen penalties as high as R120 000 or 6 months in jail. These penalties are worsened in the case of a fatality caused by you, with a maximum charge of life in prison. In the past years high profile cases have been highlighted in the media as a warning to the general public. If like most responsible South Africans the thought of breaking the law or worse, being responsible for the injury or death of another person, scares you, join Smart Guyz for peace of mind.

  4. An unfortunate trend within South Africa has started to see parents, with children in the vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol. Smart Guyz is the responsible alternative, and limits the danger to not only yourself but more importantly your children.

  5. Late night driving is an uncomfortable experience for many South Africans with fear of crime, bad driving by other road users and poor night vision being just some of the reasons. Smart Guyz offers you the confidence to not worry about the drive home.
Going Home? Get Smart! We take you and your vehicle home